Three types of women fashion

It is known that the interests of women are often different from the interests of men, and comes on the list of priorities of these concerns interest in beauty and keep pace with the latest fashion and the latest shouts. Fashion: that resonant word that fascinates most women and closely …

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Not at all like us: Oriental princess wedding dresses

We consider luxurious, lush and studded with diamonds (and sometimes just natural colors) dresses of the most enviable eastern brides – princesses of Morocco, Jordan, Indonesia and other countries. Lalla Salma is an engineer who married the Moroccan King Mohammed VI in 2002, gave birth to two children from him, …

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Are skinny jeans successful? 5 principles of proper fit

The author of the “Fashion Blog” Anastasia Alekseenko often warns against wearing tight clothes. However, she also finds positive examples. When I wrote an article about unsuccessful skinny jeans (found under the link if they missed), I promised to write and about good examples. This material is still ahead, but …

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What men want: a horoscope of sexual expectations

Astrologer Vera Khubelashvili told us what your darling is expecting from you in bed. Do not thank! Aries Aries are people of fire, ardor and passion. They do not embarrass, and especially not scare curiosities from erotic movies. These men are willing to try something new, then they will conduct …

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