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A method to remove the drill from the face

Digging the face

Facial scars or skin scars appear on the skin as a result of acne. These scars are an indication of the depth of acne-induced inflammation of the skin. It also disturbs the purity, beauty and beauty of many people’s skin. It also causes them extreme discomfort and great embarrassment to others. To dramatically cure these scars effectively and quickly, there are two ways to get rid of these natural and other household medical drill holes.

Methods of disposal of face drills

Medical methods

  • The treatment of the drilling using the Vraxnal laser, by exposing these holes to laser radiation, which stimulates the fibers of the skin and stimulate the production of new quantities of collagen, and it accelerates the process of healing the skin, and thus eliminate the pits scattered on the face, and this method of treatment need From four to six laser sessions, where the patient undergoes one laser session each month.
  • These creams are usually made from vitamin A and its derivatives, as well as from some fruit acids or crystal peel. This treatment takes six months.

Homemade mixes

  • Wash face using turmeric soap, or sulfur soap several times a day, daily and for two weeks.
  • Massage the skin gently and gently using wheat germ oil, before sleeping, and repeat this method every day for two weeks.
  • Mix half a teaspoon of cornstarch with a large tablespoon of rose water. Put the mixture on the fire until it is a little hot, and be careful to continue stirring, then put the mixture aside until it cools, cover the affected area, and leave on the face to fully dry. , Then washed with warm water, and placed on the face four times a week until the final disposal of the pits.
  • Mix the amount of crushed dry orange peel with water, forming a paste with soft texture, and put the paste on the face for thirty minutes, then wash the face using cold water, and repeat this method in two weeks, so used in the first week on a daily basis, If the scars do not disappear, repeat this method three times a week until the final disposal of the drill.
  • Mix the amount of powdered nutmeg with milk, forming a creamy mixture, apply the mixture on the face for thirty minutes, then wash the face with water, and this method repeated every day until the desired result.

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