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Laser face treatment

Digging the face

The problem of the appearance of pits and holes in the face is a common problem between women and men, which cause many problems for the injured, as it leads to distort the appearance, which leads to loss of self-confidence and thus will cause embarrassment, and must address this problem to get rid of this feeling bad , So as not to exacerbate this problem and cause injury to the skin deep inflammation, as the main cause of this problem is inflammation caused by acne

Facial treatment

The doctor may give him some drugs and chemical ointments, which provide immediate, rapid and powerful results, but have undesirable side effects, as a means of chemical peeling of the skin according to the depth of the drilling, and can resort to The patient has other types of treatments such as laser therapy, and various natural remedies

Laser Therapy

Before the patient begins this treatment, he should know that it is not a final treatment. This treatment will not be able to remove the pores from the face by 100%, but it can help solve the problem by 80%, which is good for those suffering from this problem and want to get rid of it As soon as possible, and use two complementary techniques to treat this problem with laser, namely:

  • Derma Roll: which helps to activate the collagen material in the skin, by a small fork that is passed on the skin, and collagen helps mainly to treat the drill
  • Fraxhenl Laser: A type of laser that is directed to the face, using a specific concentration, which also activates collagen.

The result does not appear from the first session, treatment of such a situation requires at least four sessions depending on the patient’s condition, and advised to deal with licensed centers and prefer the appropriate doctors because of the sensitivity of the matter, and fear of burns to the skin.

Treatment with natural recipes

  • Apply thin slices of cucumber on the skin and in places containing the pits, leave them for half an hour, then wash them, repeating this process daily.
  • To treat scars and digging with natural and raw honey, and to do this treatment for several days until the result appears, as honey helps heal and heal wounds.
  • Add the lemon and water mixture to the place of the infection, wash it with cold water after it has dried, and put the moisturizing cream on the skin, as the lemon works to renew the cells and heal the wounds.

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