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Remove the drill from the face

Digging on the face is one of the most common problems between males and females alike, which appear on the skin as a side effect of acne, especially in the case of play and injury, apart from the appearance of the annoying, but it may lead to infection of the internal cells of the skin inflammation and sores The case is not treated quickly, and in this article we will give you a range of natural remedies to get rid of this problem.

Rose water

Rose water is one of the most important natural materials used in the treatment of various skin problems, as it gives them freshness and vitality, in addition to getting rid of acne and sunburn, and others. In the case of mixing rose water with the amount of corn flour (starch) will produce a mixture to get rid of drilling in the face , Which is prepared by mixing two tablespoons of rose water with half a tablespoon of starch in a metal container, and heating the ingredients on the quiet fire to be cohesive, and then left aside to cool and apply on the face for a third of an hour before washing with lukewarm water, Moisturizing the skin, with cream and moisturizing cream Wasp skin type.


The option to calm the skin irritated, get rid of redness and lightening, and it is possible to use the option to get rid of the drilling in the face, by cutting the option into circular strips, and put on the skin for half an hour before washing with cold water, Daily until the difference is noticed.

Moroccan Soap

This soap is often used in salons and beauty resorts because it contains many substances and compounds that nourish the skin and treat its various problems. It can be used in the treatment of drilling, by washing the face, and drying it well, then massage the face in an appropriate quantity Of the oil of the pond, and left for an hour before washing it with soap and water, and is referred to the need for this recipe on a daily basis for two weeks, and then twice a week.


The potato is used by slicing the grain into thin, circular slices, then applying them to the places where the holes are located and leaving them for a quarter of an hour before removing them and washing them with warm water, preferably repeating this process daily until the problem is eliminated.

Wheat germ oil

The massage of the skin and where the drilling of wheat germ oil on a daily basis, by doing circular movements for a week or two weeks, and will notice the disappearance of drilling gradually.


Lemon is used in the manufacture of many treatments for skin care, especially fatty, as it protects against acne, and helps to lighten the skin and maintain the freshness, and use it by moistening the cotton with a little lemon juice, and the face, Sensitive to reduce lemon with a little water, this recipe should be repeated once every two days to get the desired result.

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