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How to remove blackness under the eye

Ways to remove blackness under the eye

The area around the eye is one of the most sensitive areas in the human body. The layer of skin below which is a very thin layer so the reflection of the blood color in that area is clear so the black or dark color that is below the eye indicates the turbidity of the blood color in that area or possible The blood is unclean and carries toxic substances such as carbon dioxide.

Medical tips for treating blackness under the eye

The appearance of blackness under the eyes indicates a poor health and damage and complications may occur in the future and therefore should be treated as soon as possible and try to control it so as not to increase this blackness, and here we will review the most important ways to treat it, there are medical advice recommended by doctors to treat and reduce the blackness under Eyes including:

  • Take plenty of sleep to be at least eight hours a day.
  • Do not use cosmetics under the eye especially commercial ones where it is possible to use only medical preparations.
  • Do not stress the body and expose it to fatigue and exhaustion because this will be reflected on the eyes and increase blackness under it.
  • Drink plenty of water as not drinking water will cause dehydration of the body, leading to dry blood vessels under the eyes and thus swelling and turbid color.
  • A nose, ear and throat doctor can be consulted because sometimes the cause of blackness under the eyes is a nasal congestion and therefore an extension of the veins under the eyes so it can not get rid of this blackness without getting rid of congestion.
  • Eat healthy foods rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin K, as well as iron, and also eat plenty of citrus and leafy vegetables, meat and nuts, and try to alleviate as much as possible from eating canned and processed foods, especially fat.
  • Smoking is used to narrow the blood vessels and therefore the appearance of dark color under the eye. As for alcohol, it contains substances and components that damage the heart and prevents the oxygen from reaching the skin naturally. This is followed by blackening under the eyes.
  • Be sure to use a medical sunscreen to be at least 30SPF to protect the skin from harmful sun rays that contribute to the formation of black under the eyes in addition to wear sunglasses also reduces this blackness

In addition to these medical advice, there are natural home recipes that can be done to treat blackness under the eyes, including:

  • Apply compresses of cucumbers daily for 15 minutes so that the cucumber slice touches the surrounding area of the eye, especially the concentrated blackness
  • Compresses potato chips are considered as an alternative to compresses the cucumber and operate its work
  • The preparation of a mixture of almond oil, and a small suspension of mint juice, and put this mixture on the eye is a recipe for the elimination of black under the eyes.

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