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Removes blackheads with blackheads


Vaseline is a fatty substance that is somewhat thin and manufactured specifically from oil or petroleum. The first to discover this substance is the chemist Robert when he traveled to see the oil fields in 1859, located in Pennsylvania, and heard from some workers that they use this substance to relieve the pain resulting from And to collect samples of this material; to carry out some studies and research, which lasted 11 years; to reach after many years of studies that this article, which they called Vaslins used in many areas, and have many health benefits. It also has aesthetic benefits, whether it is placed on the hair or skin, it mainly treats the cracks that are exposed to different parts of the body, such as lips, hands, toes and others, but on the other hand must be placed in reasonable quantities so as not to close the pores of the skin, Its main uses are the elimination of blackheads that appear on the face and specifically the nose

Vaseline and get rid of blackheads

Blackheads are one of the most common problems experienced by a large proportion of women, which appear for various reasons including the accumulation of fat on the face as a result of non-cleaning the face and care, specifically after the makeup, in addition to the causes of disorders and hormonal changes; To clean the face by washing with soap and water well and more than once, specifically before sleep and after the makeup, in addition to eating sufficient amounts of water and avoid eating foods rich in fats, so we will address here steps that can be followed to remove blackheads using Vaseline, including the following:

  • First, the face should be clean by washing it thoroughly or exposing it to hot steam that moistens it.
  • Put the amount of Vaseline on the face, and focus on the nose specifically.
  • Cover the nose with bags made of nylon, and leave it for up to ten minutes.
  • Clean the nose with a cloth after disposal of the bags, with the need to rub the nose.
  • Pressing the places where the blackheads appear with the fingers until the heads are out of place.

Other means of removing blackheads

In addition to Vaseline there is a range of recipes that can be used to get rid of blackheads, notably wet steam by following the steps

  • Bring the towel and heat it to be placed on the face for up to ten minutes
  • Wash the face with warm water or some kind of natural lotion.
  • And then wash the face with cold water and put a quantity of moisturizers on it, preferably be free of oil, so that it is distributed on the face and focus on the nose and leave it for five minutes.

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