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Natural recipes to treat hair problems with ingredients available in your home

Many of us have problems with hair; hair loss, dryness, stiffness, or shingling. We do not know which recipe is suitable for hair, and whether it really is effective or not, and resort to many preparations, but to no avail.

Now, you have reached the stage of frustration and hopelessness, and your case has come to experience any recipe that may be helpful. Have you asked yourself dear: Why do we use many lotions and prescriptions but to no avail?

In this article, we will answer some of the questions that are in your mind that cause you a lot of confusion and fatigue. We will first identify hair problems, and then recognize some natural recipes to solve hair problems as well as treatment of hair loss.

But first of all the reasons that lead to hair loss :-

  • Psychological causes; when there are psychological problems this appears on the hair in the fall of hair in large quantities.
  • Hormonal causes; that is, there may be some hormonal problems in the body and this is reflected here The hair causes the fallout.
  • Pregnancy and lactation also affect hair.
  • There are some problems with thyroid; this will affect the hair.
  • Pressing the hair and tying it in the wrong way hurts the hair, causing it to fall.
  • Malnutrition.

What are most hair problems?

Beauty of hair

The problem of hair follicle is that it looks unattractive or glossy, as the hair appears faintly, which reflects your appearance as unpleasant and suggests your disinterest in yourself.

Shaking hair

Blasting hair is one of the problems that cause fatigue and anxiety for women. Hair loss occurs as a result of the use of many tools of hair and hair constantly exposing the hair to the thermal matrix and the frequent use of chemicals on the hair, which causes the bombing of hair and impede.


Dandruff is irritating to women, causing them much embarrassment as well as a redness of the scalp due to persistent itching.

Treating hair problems naturally

There are many methods and natural recipes that treat hair problems and be effective, but the most important is to know what suits your hair so you can take advantage of these recipes. There are two types of hair: fatty hair and dry hair. Fatty hair does not need too many oils to reverse dry hair, which needs more oil due to scalp dryness. However, the methods used are the same in both cases but in different amounts. Hence it is necessary to know what type of scalp first and what are the problems suffered by hair in order to use the right recipe and appropriate for you dear.

Steps to treat hair

First: the body must be fed a healthy diet, because the hair is affected by malnutrition. Therefore, you should pay attention to eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, because it will reflect a good reflection not only on the hair, but on the body as a whole.

Second: Try the best natural recipes

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