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Cut hair at home with easy steps

This is what Alex Wheeler, the owner of The Crown Salon in New York, advises, and there are important questions before you cut your hair: “Is it too thick and you want to get rid of it?” “Or is it Too long and you want to shorten it only? “Or do you want to get rid of the long layers?” Then choose the right tools, though Wheeler says you can use any kind of sharps, she knows many who cut hair with nail scissors!

Define the method best suited to you

Choose a comfortable way to cut hair. Some women prefer to use their sense when they cut themselves without seeing their hair. Others prefer to use the mirror, although looking at the mirror may be a bit confusing. “Time will be wasted trying to look at your feelings,” says Wheeler. When cut, for example you have to switch and stand each time to be able to look when you cut the edges of your feeling, which may lose focus “

How do you start cutting hair?

It is important to know the purpose of cutting your hair first, if you have thick hair and curly, and to hide it slightly, and your hair, and the first from 2 to 3 inches from the beginning of your scalp, and first cut from the layers of your inner hair, so you will reduce the intensity of your hair slightly . If your hair is very soft and you want only the equality of limbs, do not make the limbs very sharp. Do not try to finish the cutting process quickly, but check your appearance every time you look at part of it.

How do you know you succeeded in cutting hair?

The most important thing from Wheeler’s point of view is to investigate confidently. She used to cut herself off since she was 12 years old, and she trained her friends and relatives. If you finish cutting your hair, then look at it, do you feel that its shape is proportionate, or if something is wrong, through your senses you will know whether you succeeded in completing the cutting process or not.

Wheeler also recommends using a hair dryer. If you miss your hair, she can save you, and do not be afraid, everything can be repaired.

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