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6 Ways to use rose water in your health routine and to take care of your skin

Mediterranean people are keen to use all natural products that have a deep history of useful uses rather than relying on those made by hand or in factories.

Of course, this is due to the decline in purchasing power in the region and beyond. Although the Mediterranean population has slowly gained wealth and imported products are entering their local markets, they still retain some aesthetic traditions and rose water.

Uses of rose water

Rose water is a versatile product that can be used in the kitchen to sweeten foods as well as in the bathroom and the bedroom as an aesthetic and therapeutic product, and better than this luxurious smell, a little of this wonderful water adds to your food a charming flavor and this is cheap (usually cost less) From $ 10 for a 12 oz bottle).

According to the legend, Cleopatra took milky baths with floating rose petals to keep her skin smooth, polished and smelled wonderful.

Recently, it has always been said that the streets of Beirut are full of rose water when this versatile aesthetic product is prepared! This is in the late spring and early summer, when the petals of roses are squeezed and evaporated and then started to be distilled.

Rose water for skin care

Women with sensitive or pink skin are usually used as a capsaic for the skin because it has anti-inflammatory properties, bacteria and oxidation.
Those who suffer from acne, the status of rose water Tonic (Toner, pore) reduces the amount of bacteria on the skin, so it is a toner (Paddle) natural and excellent for skin irritations caused by excess fat on the skin.
Rose water is not limited to those who suffer from skin problems is nice and refreshing and inhaled smell awaken your deep feelings better than coffee (may be exaggerated but really effective!)
Rose water is a natural remedy as it is used in Aromatherapy Aromatherapy, which has a strong effect in awakening your senses in addition to being refreshing and inexpensive and has a charming smell that keeps the skin soft and moist This is important for all skin types and also suitable for all ages

Use rose water for men

I would like to point out that rose water is excellent after shaving and it is up to the same reason mentioned above that rose water is an excellent treatment for sensitive skin because it helps to calm irritated skin, but it is worth mentioning that some men make fun of each other when they smell like roses! But do not worry about it, the smell of rose water will dissipate within thirty minutes

Use rose water in the shower

After a long and tiring day, bathing in a hot bath with a few drops of rose water or any other oil (my favorite jasmine oil) gives comfort to even the most tense and anxious people, Best of all, when you go to sleep you will sniff the roses, as if your bed is furnished with roses and a bright and smooth skin.

Use rose water in laundry

Rose water gives your clothes washed aromatic aromatic distinctive by spraying the clothes folded a little of it. You and your family will be rewarded and the smell of the wardrobe and drawers will become like a rose garden! Such simple ways give you happiness and contribute greatly to your sense of luxury and luxury without spending a fortune.

Use rose water in the kitchen

In addition to the use of rose water for aesthetic purposes, it is used in the kitchen and the preparation of some of the authorities easy, adding a few drops of rose water will give a refreshing touch of power (see the descriptors listed below)

Salad grated cucumber Moroccan

This dish is considered an appetite regulator and an assistant to treat gastrointestinal disorders and disinfectant of the leftover food that can be eaten after meals are finished and during mealtime!

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